Taking the first steps to install your new ice maker

Nuggets-shaped ice has the characteristics of being both compact and pleasant to chew, being half-way between granular ice and solid ice cube.

It is advisable to contact qualified personnel in order to connect to waters networks.

First, connect the water supply hose to the tap and check to prevent any leaks.

Connect the drain hose ensuring a three-degree minimum slope, avoid any bottlenecks in the hose and do not extend the drain beyond the length of the hose supplied as standard.
If you are also connecting other equipment to the same drain it is important that you use a “V” fitting (alternatively, a non-return valve) to prevent the discharge of water from other equipment fitted out with a drain pump from recirculating towards the ice maker.

Connect to the power grid.

Proceed by positioning the equipment: this must be flat, with no slope towards the front or rear, as the necessary slopes have already been created in the design and construction of the manufacturer.