ice professionals since 1963

The long journey in the professional refrigeration field, led us to the construction of efficient and functional machines for ice production, assuring a long durability over time and simplifying our customer’s activities in Horeca sector, and more.

Ice produced by JolyIce machines is used not only for cocktails and beverages preparations, but also in food production sector, in cosmetics, in spa centres and in medical facilities, being versatile and practical. It grants always the best quality standards.

The JolyIce quality starts from raw materials:

stainless steel is processed and assembled following the best Lean Production guidelines and techniques, and it takes on new life by applying the most advanced mechanical and technological systems for ice production and refrigeration.

One of our main goals is to bring added value through the innovation of our products, meeting customer’s requirements.

We manage the whole design and conception phase in Italy, in addition to the production and engineering processes: since 1995 our company is certified by ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Our constant commitment is to anticipate and completely satisfy the most sophisticated customers exigencies, with an innovative, reliable, safe and durable product.