Ice has always been a great help in the emergency room first aid operations, post-surgery, laboratory, cosmetology and pharmaceuticals. Moreover, ice is largely used in numerous wellness and beauty farm applications.

Ice is used in many ways in the medical industry: particularly in transportation, cleaning and storage.


Ice is used by hospitals and laboratories when they need to transfer delicate objects to other places, such as biomedical samples, organs, blood and other materials that need cold to survive travel.


Ice can also be used to clean and disinfect medical and industrial equipment. The use of caustic solvents has been eliminated, as they are polluting and harmful to the equipment itself.


Biological samples such as vaccines and blood are frequently preserved on ice. This type of material is sensitive and must remain at low temperatures for long periods: ice is, consequently, the only way to certify its survival in optimal conditions.

Ice is also used in the wellness sector.

Cold therapy is based precisely on this principle: exploiting low temperatures to treat both medical and aesthetic problems. Cold has long been a precious ally even in the dermatological field.

Our Ice machines for
Medical Sector

Bright Cube

A full, structured ice cube, with a rounded surface for prolonged beverage cooling. Clear and fully transparent, free from any cloudiness, it is highly appreciated in any context of use.

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Flake Ice

Granular ice, essential in many sectors thanks to its great versatility: from food & beverage to spas, from cosmetics to laboratories and hospitals.

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Hollow Cube

Hollow ice cubes, with wide surface to allow fast cooling of drinks. Their shape is essential, simple, and their flexibility of use is extremely varied.

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Storage Bins

The JB series bins are made in fully insulated steel, with a shockproof door and incorporated shovel, and constitute an elegant and heavy-duty ice storage solution.

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