Large-capacity machines are mainly used in the fishing, food, chemical, building industries, and in ice factories.

Meat industry

Ice is essential in meat processing to keep a constant temperature, ensuring it to stay at low and hygienic levels.

The use of ice prevents the speed and friction of the mixer from adversely affecting the colour of meat, and avoids any bacteriological proliferation.

Dairy products, Cheese, Fruits and Vegetables
Ice maintains the ideal temperature to preserve products and ensure a longer shelf life.

It also keeps humidity at the levels necessary to extend their freshness, while keeping the aesthetic and organoleptic properties unaltered.


Ice cools the dough and counteracts the temperature increase of the other ingredients, ensuring the correct water content.

During dough preparation the temperature of the production area must be kept controlled, as well as that of the raw materials and the type of dough.

Pre-cooked food

During the processing phase and packaging procedures of pre-cooked foods, ice is used to quickly lower the temperature of the products after cooking.

This provides greater savings in time and energy than using refrigerators.

Medical industry

Ice is widespread used in the medical field, for instance, in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

Moreover, doctors use ice to store biologicalsamples since they can be kept fresh for long periods of time. Ice helps keep constant the storage temperature of medical supplies, test specimens and organs.

Our Ice machines for Industry

Flake Ice

Granular ice, essential in many sectors thanks to its great versatility: from food & beverage to spas, from cosmetics to laboratories and hospitals.

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Modular Cube

A classic, full, square-shaped ice cube. Three different sizes are available: DICE, HALF-LARGE and LARGE. Ideal for quick cooling of drinks.

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Scale Ice
A-N Series

With an average temperature of -7°C and a thickness between 0,9 and 1,2 mm, the ice made by the A-N line machines is the coldest and driest available, unique in its kind.

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Storage Bins

The JB series bins are made in fully insulated steel, with a shockproof door and incorporated shovel, and constitute an elegant and heavy-duty ice storage solution.

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