Ice cubes are an essential resource for bars, pubs, diners, fast-food chains, restaurants and hotels: JolyIce offers a wide range of products for any chilling need.

Serving cold drinks is a fundamental requirement in your catering service routine.

An ice machine is therefore a fundamental part of your kitchen. With an ice cube machine designed for Ho.Re.Ca. you always keep your supply of ice cubes up to standard.

Ice may seem like an accessory ingredient in cocktails,

however its shape, texture, weight play a crucial role in shaping the taste, temperature and overall experience of your favorite drink. From the size and shape of the ice cubes to the quality and clarity of the ice, cocktail ice has a significant impact on the final result.

Our Ice machines for
Ho.Re.Ca. Sector

Bright Cube

A full, structured ice cube, with a rounded surface for prolonged beverage cooling. Clear and fully transparent, free from any cloudiness, it is highly appreciated in any context of use.

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Flake Ice

Granular ice, essential in many sectors thanks to its great versatility: from food & beverage to spas, from cosmetics to laboratories and hospitals.

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Hollow Cube

Hollow ice cubes, with wide surface to allow fast cooling of drinks. Their shape is essential, simple, and their flexibility of use is extremely varied.

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Modular Cube

A classic, full, square-shaped ice cube. Three different sizes are available: DICE, HALF-LARGE and LARGE. Ideal for quick cooling of drinks.

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A compact, nugget-shaped ice, pleasant and satisfying to chew, it may be considered a cross between granular ice and the thicker solid cube ice.

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Scale Ice
A-N Series

With an average temperature of -7°C and a thickness between 0,9 and 1,2 mm, the ice made by the A-N line machines is the coldest and driest available, unique in its kind.

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Storage Bins

The JB series bins are made in fully insulated steel, with a shockproof door and incorporated shovel, and constitute an elegant and heavy-duty ice storage solution.

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