Food Retail

Ideal for fish and meat, fruit and vegetables preparation, juices and beverages, fresh pasta and dough mixing.

We have developed ice machines that allow you to exploit the best possible solution for the production and appropriate storage of ice.

Our ice machines are mainly focused on these food sectors:

  • small fishmongers
  • supermarkets
  • hypermarkets
  • cash & carry

In particular, granular ice is ideal for:

  • display in supermarkets;
  • transport from distribution centers of fish, fruit and vegetables;
  • other multiple applications in the food sector.

Our Ice machines for Food Retail

Flake Ice

Granular ice, essential in many sectors thanks to its great versatility: from food & beverage to spas, from cosmetics to laboratories and hospitals.

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Scale Ice
A-N Series

With an average temperature of -7°C and a thickness between 0,9 and 1,2 mm, the ice made by the A-N line machines is the coldest and driest available, unique in its kind.

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Storage Bins

The JB series bins are made in fully insulated steel, with a shockproof door and incorporated shovel, and constitute an elegant and heavy-duty ice storage solution.

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